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Team Capital announce ambitious plans for growth

Team Capital Aerospace & Defence, a fast-growing global recruitment specialist in A&D Military, Civil and Commercial markets, announced today that its customer and revenue growth has accelerated significantly in the first half of 2008.

Team Capital Aerospace & Defence has seen revenue growth of 49 per cent in the last year and is aiming to further increase revenues in the next 12 months as it embarks upon an ambitious growth strategy.

David Pierce Hallahan, International Director at Team Capital said: “Our Aerospace & Defence business has made significant steps forward during the last 24 months. Key initiatives have been implemented which will go a long way to setting the foundations for our aspirations in the medium to long term.”

Two years ago, the company opened its first US office in California, and Team Capital will strengthen its A&D executive search business with a new office in London in the coming months.

With a market shift towards spending in Civil Security and the establishment of a pure Civil Security offering, Team Capital A&D has been able to expand market penetration in both Civil Security, Defence  and Commercial Aerospace over the past five years.

Civil Security today represents a key focus for Team Capital and covers Borders, Airports, Seaports, Critical Infrastructure, Large Events and Mass Transit.  Recent significant recruitment engagements executed by Team Capital include mid to senior level management roles across key functional areas for a Defence & Security Prime Integrator with operations in more than five countries, a Tier 1 Aerospace Systems Supplier in Europe, and a Prime Integrator in Aerospace & Defence.

“We are extremely pleased with the strong progress we’re making in 2008, particularly in Civil Security markets, and our success in expanding our global client base,” Hallahan adds. “Our momentum demonstrates that our network of relationships, market expertise, research capability and international footprint will continue to make 2008 a defining year for Team Capital A&D”.

About Team Capital Aerospace & Defence

Team Capital A&D is a fast-growing global recruitment specialist in Military, Civil and Commercial markets.

With the largest team of specialist consultants, Team Capital A&D has built an excellent reputation for delivering best-in-class talent to its global client base across Aerospace & Defence markets.

Team Capital’s unique portfolio includes executive search, executive representation, and the recruitment of mid- to senior level professionals, covering a broad range of functional areas including marketing and sales, finance, HR, legal, operations, general management and strategic planning.

Team Capital operates a flexible business model with proven success and this is being replicated in markets around the world.

Team Capital A&D is headquartered in London, with offices in Oxford and San Jose -
Silicon Valley. For further information on Team Capital please visit

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