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Discontent among A-players at many firms is being exploited by savvy organisations that are choosing to take advantage of the recent crisis to poach top talent. Some businesses have decided that the timing is ideal to critically evaluate their talent pool and to focus on onboarding exceptional external talent recruited from overseas.

Whilst many employers remain under pressure as they make poor people decisions and see staff morale and performance dwindle, others are adding best-in-class talent to business units and regions which represent high growth potential. This is the time to strike a long-term competitive advantage.

Boards worldwide constantly struggle to have the right talent within the business. The most diligent and effective boards not only recognise the significance of identifying, attracting and appointing the right leadership team, but they become personally engaged in making sure it happens.

David Pierce Hallahan, International Director at executive search firm Team Capital comments: “Organisations looking to create a sustainable future require a supply of leaders into roles where they can make the most difference to the business. Understanding what the business will look like in the next five years is key”. He further adds: “Firms need to ensure their best people are in the jobs where they add most value, and that talent gaps are identified and closed”.

By upgrading recruitment efforts and identifying where the talent needs are likely to be most severe, businesses can develop their roadmap for 2011 and adopt a highly targeted approach to capture well qualified executives for the roles in question. A meticulously crafted hiring process will help avoid the pitfalls. According to Hallahan, the '2011 executive' must have proven leadership skills, a strategic mindset and exceptional track record of success with a consistent behavioural style of transparent communication and ability to execute. Integrity, a commitment to sustainable growth and a genuine sense of personal responsibility are furthermore highlighted by Hallahan.

Executives who fail in a new firm mostly do so due to their inability to forge relevant relationships not only with their manager but also with counterparts and subordinates in the business. Whilst concentrating on gaining access to the very best in talent worldwide, hiring companies must equally recognise that fit is everything. Adopting strict guidelines in terms of behavioural screening will ensure you get the real picture of a candidate's true potential value to your organisation, irrespective of success enjoyed with a previous employer.

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