Team Capital Announces Smart Strategies For Career Success in 2009

Team Capital, a global provider of executive talent management solutions, today issued strategies for career success for leading executives in the current economic climate. The list was compiled from recommendations provided by Team Capital’s international network of talent managers & directors.

The concept of networking is not solely about securing your next career upgrade in the hidden job market. Smart career planning is all about being an engaged, active networker as research shows that more than 80% of new executive hires result from personal connections.

The key for top performing senior executives is to accelerate job hunting by bringing new challenges to your attention even before an employer officially acknowledges restructuring. Frequently, until such time that a new resource is identified, no thought is even given to a new hire or reorganization. The secret is to be in the right place at the right time. Hence, the stronger your network, the greater the likelihood that the right career opportunity will come your way through the inside track in your direct and/or related markets.

Relationships are essential for networking to represent a truly effective job search method. If a relationship exists prior to the interest to collaborate, then the recruitment process will be more efficient, shorter and will lead to a greater chance of a successful outcome for both parties. In today's economy, the hiring process is often lengthy so if you are able to make a long-term investment in serious professional relationships, this can really pay off with a faster hiring process for candidates already familiar with an organization and known to key company players. Furthermore, the competition for top level roles today is so ferocious, that smart networking may be the only way to gain a crucial advantage over the large numbers of equally qualified candidates. If a prospective employee isn't networked, they are at a disadvantage.

What is required for senior executives to succeed in the current environment?

The world runs on relationships. The more extensive and better quality your connections, the greater your advantage when it comes to finding out inside information, getting an early lead and being a part of the inner circle of knowledge. Keep networking.

The old school of long term employment, from graduation till retirement is a model that is now outdated. Keep networking, because you are going to need such contacts to help you learn of new opportunities and vice versa.

Technology is continuously changing. To keep abreast of innovations and stay on the cutting edge, keep learning. Networking is an exchange of ideas and a learning experience.

If you recently completed a job search, maintain contact with those you met. If you can't manage this, at least keep in touch with anyone with whom you felt a special affinity or sensed a common understanding

In the final analysis, it is whom you know not just what you know that leads to success. Stay in touch, be friendly, cooperate, and don't burn any bridges. Remember that networking is a two way process. Network.

While a large network is advantageous, practicalities dictate how much time and effort can be devoted to being a good networker. Be highly selective and cultivate the right relationships. Again, it is whom you know.

Establish networking as a number one priority. This is not just socializing. Information is exchanged that has a real value to both sides in the transaction.

Be on the lookout for ways to stay in touch finding relevant data and intelligence to exchange. Suggest that your network contact pass this along to their own network giving you exposure to their contacts that you don't know.

Networking with others in your direct industry is the best use of your job search time. Be clear on your objective, which makes it simpler for someone to know how to help you. You might be able to assist them now or in the future so keep networking.

Serious about your next career move? Since few senior candidates are fortunate enough to find volunteers lining up with the sector knowledge, market expertise and international network of relationships to effectively manage the job search process, make the decision to either hire professional support through a recognized talent manager or let your own network spread the word and keep networking to maximize your exposure to new opportunities in the unadvertised or hidden job market.











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