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Show Me the Stock Options!!…Meet Team Capital

By Raya Mamarbachi in London

Having spent more than 17 years of a distinguished career successfully starting-up and co-founding operations for telecommunications and high-technology enterprises in US and Europe, Christopher Richard recognises the importance of a positive approach towards career development planning.

“With a shift in routes to market for Executives and the changing nature of careers, there is a distinct need for somebody who can represent top performers to the international business community” Christopher Richard says.

Top executives searching to master and secure a superior career move can now turn to a new generation of executive agents like Team Capital, who are creating a new category at the premium end of the market. The role of an Executive Agent, privately appointed by the executive, markedly differs from that of a traditional Executive Recruiter, who is hired by the company or that of a career coach whose role is not geared towards the creation of opportunity. Mr Richard adds: “Whilst the traditional executive search process caters for the needs of an organization, it is not designed to attract deal flow or to drive an action-led process for the executive and his career direction.”

Prior to his role of General Manager Southern Europe, Middle-East & Africa for Sendmail, a US firm based in San Francisco, Mr Richard was General Manager of Lucent Technologies, Southern and Western Europe - Voice Messaging Division, and before, Co-Founder and General Manager of the French subsidiary of Octel Communications, a US firm world leader in multimedia messaging. Octel was acquired by Lucent Technologies in the late nineties.

With a  track record of more than €100M of consolidated revenue through strategic alliances, driving sales performance, strategy & international growth with Fortune organisations, Mr Richard’s objective was clear: secure the right career move in a timely manner with a  mid-cap or large-cap international firm with market leadership potential, and this aligned to his skills, experience and cultural mindset. Mr Richard made what was for him a natural choice to sign with Team Capital.

“It is difficult to overestimate the importance of making the right career move. To accept the first lucrative contract that came along or a referral from an associate would have been simple. This was not about simply finding a job: this was about finding the right job” he explains. “I had operated at board level for several companies and I wanted to explore both my direct and related markets in a confidential manner, maximizing the potential of effectively closing a long term contract with the right firm and simultaneously oversee my existing day to day board meetings and commitments”.

“It is all in the chemistry and mindset between agent and executive” Mr Richard comments. “Team Capital go through a process of packaging their clients, designing a personal branding campaign and taking them to market with also a real possibility of encouraging leading firms to create opportunities that did not previously exist. David Pierce Hallahan and the team immediately understood my profile, how this could fit with both my direct and associated markets and were relentless in their pursuit to get the fit right and secure my contract”.

Mr Richard, who as a result of his partnership with Team Capital is now working for one of the top Global integration service providers said “I am delighted with their contribution and the outcome”. He adds “Team Capital’s stand alone business model will invent a whole new category in the Executive Search market”.

David Pierce Hallahan, International Practice Director of Team Capital  comments, “Through a strict process of selection and confidentiality, we thrive on teaming up with top performing executives with proven track records, who align with the Team Capital core values of excellence, professionalism, teamwork, high ethical standards and hard work”.

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